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ION R1 Gen1 Electric Ice Fishing Auger

ION R1 Gen1 Electric Ice Fishing Auger
  • ION R1 Gen1 Electric Ice Fishing Auger
  • ION R1 Gen1 Electric Ice Fishing Auger
  • ION R1 Gen1 Electric Ice Fishing Auger
  • ION R1 Gen1 Electric Ice Fishing Auger
  • ION R1 Gen1 Electric Ice Fishing Auger
  • ION R1 Gen1 Electric Ice Fishing Auger
  • ION R1 Gen1 Electric Ice Fishing Auger
Now the world's best auger (the original ION®) is made better with this updated ION® R1 Gen1 Electric Auger. The brand-new powerhouse uses the lithium-ion 5Ah Gen 1 battery platform to give you even more power. With over 60% more capacity than the original ION® battery, this one punches through more holes and lasts longer, so you can stay out on the ice a little longer. The high-powered battery is paired with a brand-new motor that adds 35% more power and significant speed upgrades over previous ION® Gen 1 Augers. The Auger is outfitted with a precision polymer bottom, plus centering point and cutting ring to ensure safe re-drilling of old holes without binding up or jarring vibrations. 2 LED lights make easier work of drilling in low-light conditions. And reverse button flushes your hole clean in just 15-20 seconds. It's all backed by an industry-leading 3-year warranty that includes the battery. Available in 8" and 10" models.
5AH (40V) (180W) MAX GEN 1 BATTERY
The 5 amp-hour, 40V MAX lithium-ion Gen 1 battery is a powerhouse. It features an increase of over 60% in charge capacity from the original 3 amp-hour batteries, so you'll power through more holes from a single charge. In fact, you'll get up to 800" of ice-drilling power with the 10" bit and easily punch through 1,600" of ice with the 8" bit. And monitoring your charge level is easy. Simply press the button on the back of the battery and a bright battery-life indicator shows you how much charge is left. This battery is compatible with all ION® Gen 1 auger models.
Offers up to 35% more power and speed than the original ION®
Lightweight, easy to carry design weighs nearly 40% less than typical gas-powered augers
Planetary gear transmission gives you maximum efficiency without the unnecessary weight
High-strength composite polymer cutting head ensures smooth, consistent cutting in all conditions
Centering point allows for ultra-precise blade positioning when opening new holes
Reverse eliminates the need for an ice skimmer by flushing the slush ice down the hole
2 LED lights positioned under the powerhead for night operation and drilling inside dark shelters
Compact handlebar design makes drilling next to ice house walls easier than ever
5Ah Gen 1 battery offers 60% higher storage capacity than the original ION® battery
Steel Flite Auger with 40" length
8" R1 battery powers through 1,600" of ice on a single charge
10" R1 battery powers through 800" of ice on a single charge
Manufacturer's 3-year limited warranty covers entire unit (powerhead, auger bit and battery)

Key Specifications

Item Number: 717936
Length: 40"
Weight: 23 lbs. (8" model); 24 lbs. (10" model)
Mfg. Number: 39250 (8"), 39300 (10")


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