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Higdon® 120V 3/4-hp Ice Blaster

Higdon® 120V 3/4-hp Ice Blaster
Higdon® 120V 3/4-hp Ice Blaster helps extend your hunting season AND brings your decoys to life!
Don't let cold weather and ice-covered water cut your hunting season short! This 120V 3/4-hp Ice Blaster from Higdon®'s extends your hunting season and allows you to bag more birds. The powerful Kasco® marine de-icer motor clears ice from your spread in minimal time. Once the ice is cleared, use the Ice Blaster to create water movement and bring your decoys to life. It's not just for cold, iced-up conditions either. On those really still days use it to create surface ripple and much-needed decoy movement.
Kasco 3/4-horsepower motor for topnotch performance
Great for icy conditions
Adds decoy movement in warmer conditions
Wire protective cage pulls water flow 360° past the impeller
Specially matched propeller with maximum pitch for the exact thrust of motor
Includes 100' cord and stand


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